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Guitar Setup, Build and Repair

Workshop Enquiries
For workshop enquiries please contact Brian directly at brian@haywardguitars.com or call him on 01962 850555.

Brian Hayward of Hayward Guitars is known and respected in the Winchester/Hampshire area as an expert in the field of guitar building.  He is a highly experienced luthier and also undertakes most aspects of guitar setup, guitar maintenance and guitar repair.   He also works on ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, resonators and other similar instruments.  He operates from a fully equipped Workshop at the shop in Stockbridge Road, Winchester.

Please call 01962 850555 for information or to book your guitar in for repair/service.

Price Guide* ... May 2018

Service - Repair & Renovation - Valuation* - Customisation - 'Self-build' Consultation - Guitar parts/hardware - All right here onsite in the workshop... Bring in your guitar (or banjo, mandolin etc.) for TLC from the expert.
  • GUITAR RESTRING SERVICE from around £35 - this basic service can really make a difference to how your instrument plays and sounds (please note - there are sometimes minor adjustments that need to be made to the guitar at the time of re-stringing, which will add a few pounds to the cost - it's worth it)
  • FULL GUITAR SERVICE/SET-UP at around £65
* We generally can't give an exact quote before seeing the guitar, as it's often a case of 'more than meets the eye'. If possible make an ADVANCE BOOKING so that Brian can make an assessment when you bring your guitar in.

Accidents happen! When it comes to guitars and partying/air travel/small children & 'crazy' youth/dogs etc. Brian has a great deal of experience of the snapped headstock, the split body and so on, and can perform wizardry to return damaged guitars to their former glory... Quotation for insurance purposes is approx. £25, depending on information/documentation required. *Sorry, we don't provide information on the value of guitars when requested by email etc. If you bring a guitar in to the shop for a valuation there may be a small charge, but it will depend on circumstances!

Boost your sound with better pickups... Upgrade your hardware for better playability... Plug in your Acoustic... Make an appointment with Brian to talk about how to get the sound you want, and the very best out of your instrument!

Planning to build your own guitar? Book a consultation session with Brian to sort out some of the important technical aspects, and purchase everything you need. At around £50.00 for an hour or so, you'll realise this is money very well spent once your project is under way.