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Customer Reviews

Read some of the nice  things our customers say about us....

"Uke has just arrived and sounds fantastic!  Thanks for the quick dispatch and setup.  Much appreciated."
Paul W, Wirral

"Thanks for the great customer service, and great set up. In my experience the best in Hampshire/West Sussex. Much better than the “Big Boys”, I’ll spread the word."
The Reverend Simon C, Winchester

"Thanks for doing a fantastic job on my Les Paul. Every penny well spent."
Mark B, Winchester.

"Yamaha Acoustic. What a great job you’ve done, action low, intoneation perfect, It plays like a dream."
Derek J, Winchester.

"Brian Hayward, genius guitar maker of Hayward Guitars, Winchester, England. Would be glad to give you his analysis of the sound and build quality of the Gallagher."
Jackie Leven.

"I always stick with you, cos I know I'll get honest good old fashioned,friendly Customer Service.You always do what you promise to do on time, despite your overwhelmingly busy schedule and you offer great quality repairs at fiendishly good prices.It's partly thanks to you guys that I was able to make some of my gigs at all! Ta muchly and lotsa lurv. "
Johnny B, Winchester

"Just a brief note to say thank you for your work on my Martin – the sound is superb, as I always knew it should be. I’ve always enjoyed playing it (her?), but now it’s even more fun! Thank you."
Russell H, Winchester

"Brian is a top geezer.  He always sorts out all my stuff"
Dirk Bigstaff - Lead Guitarist - The Lucky Wankers