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A Brief History of Hayward Guitars

It was a fine summer's day back in the year 2000 when local guitarist and luthier Brian Hayward first opened the doors of Hayward Guitars to the good people of Winchester.  With a shop replete with guitars and everything the guitarist could possibly want or need, he eagerly awaited his first customer.  And in he walked... "Got any drumsticks, mate?".  As it turned out he had, and so it began.  

By the early 2010's Hayward Guitars was well established, specialising in custom builds, customisations, setups and repairs, as well as providing quality instruments from many major brands.  At one time business was so brisk that a second shop was opened but as the credit crunch took hold Brian stuck to what he knew best, concentrating on the workshop whilst maintaining just enough equipment in the shop to keep his regular customers up and strumming.

Hayward Guitars and HG Music Ltd

In 2012, in order to grow the retail operation without losing focus on the workshop, Brian joined forces with a local guitarist, investor and (most handily of all) website builder to form HG Music Ltd. This new company now deals with all musical instrument retail, both online and instore, and provides a range of guitars from the likes of Squier (by Fender) Hagstrom, Crafter, Faith, Sigma, Vintage, Schecter and many more besides.  HG Music is growing steadily with more products being taken on each month.  We now sell electric and acoustic guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, amps, effects, strings, straps, slides, capos, cleaning kits, stands and hangers, and just about anything else a guitarist could wish for.  

The workshop is still as busy as ever.  Brian currently repairs and services around 60 guitars a month as well as taking on a small number of custom builds as time permits.  Like the wicked, there is no rest for Brian and he's flat out in the workshop at the moment (at least that's what he said when I asked when my guitar would be ready).

Why come to us ?

As a small independent retailer it can be difficult to compete with the big outlets but we like to think we offer a very different service.  We're guitar specialists rather than a general music shop (although we do still sell drumsticks) so when you come to us you'll get the benefit of our knowledge, experience and expertise in all matters guitar related.  We can't promise to be as cheap as some of the online "box shifters" but we're not too far off and all instruments we sell, both online and in the shop, are professionally set up and checked before you take them away.  And should you have any problems, we're on hand to help sort them out.

So please have a look at the rest of this site and see if we've got what you're looking for.  If we have, you can buy online and have it shipped (often at no extra cost), or collect it from the shop.  Or just call in and see us and we'll be happy to talk you through the range.

Hayward Guitars and HG Music Ltd
38 Stockbridge Road
SO23 7BZ
01962 850555