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Recording King Tricone Resonator in Matte Champagne

Recording King's classic tricone resonator...

Price: £560.00
This item is available to order. We can generally get it in within 2 to 3 days, subject to supplier availability. Please mail us at info@hgmusic.co.uk and we will confirm when we┬┤ll have it by.

Recording King's classic tricone resonator has three 6” Continental cones that transfer incredibly loud tones through the body of the guitar. The cones are positioned with two on the bass side and one on the treble side, giving an EQ balance with a sweeter, warmer sound.


This tricone is made from nickel-plated bell brass and features a screen coverplate and T-shaped bridge with an ebony and maple saddle. The bridge is connected to the center of each cone so that when the strings are hit, the vibrations run through the saddle and then into the bridge. This tricone has a distinct tone and long sustain characterized by brilliant overtones and a natural ambiance only found in resonator instruments.

Product Code: RM-991-M