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Digitech XHR Hot Rod Distortion Pedal
What's better than one cool distortion pedal? How about three?!
Digitech XMS Main Squeeze Compressor Pedal
When it comes to quality with compression the name dbx comes to mind...
Digitech XTD Tone Driver Overdrive Pedal
Why settle for one overdrive sound when you can have three overdrive pedals built into one stomp box!
Digitech XHP Hyper Phase Pedal
With the Hyper Phase stereo phaser, you are not limited to only one mode of operation like you find in most pedals.
Digitech XMC Multi Chorus Pedal
Morph from 1 to 16 voices using the voice knob to get chorus effects so thick it puts that week old coffee on your desk to shame!
Digitech XTF Turbo Flange Pedal
Why settle for a stomp box that will give you only one Flange tone...
Digitech XMM Metal Master Distortion Pedal
Don't settle for one distortion pedal when you can have 3 built into one stomp box! Introducing the Metal Master pedal from DigiTech.
Digitech XDD Digi Delay Pedal
With up to 4 seconds of delay, which is more than most studio processors, your creativeness will have no limits!